Guidance on creating a Facebook Single-Sign-On

(Noam Yorav-Raphael) #1

I’d like my Discourse instance to have Facebook SSO, that is, no registration will be needed, the facebook login would log in to the site. The goal is to make it super-easy for Facebook users to participate.

How should I implement this? I see that the current SSO requires a URL. Should I implement another webapp which would do the facebook login and implement the Discourse SSO interface? If so, can I run this webapp on the same server hosting Discourse? Or should the SSO be done by interfacing with the Discourse code directly? If so, how?

Please forgive my newbieness. I hope to learn fast.


I think you need this

(Noam Yorav-Raphael) #3

Thanks! However, a facebook login is another login method, in addition to username/password registration. I’d like a facebook SSO, which gives you one button which logs in using facebook. No login dialog at all.

(Kane York) #4

Try turning off enable local logins? So there’s only one option.