Guide to being a successful community member

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Discourse is a great community tool with numerous features and tricks in order for a board to be successful. But in order for a community to become a community, members need to cooperate and let the forum go on the correct direction.

Let’s see how you can help contribute to build a successful forum.



Welcoming New Users and Returning Users

The great part about discourse is that you will see a blue box above their post if the poster is new or a returning user. As a community member, it's recommended to say Welcome! or Welcome back!, this creates an influence on other users to also welcome users. I myself noticed this in our forum. You might not see a big effect at first, but eventually it'll become a habit!

Handling Arguments

Most of the time, the discussion should be mostly passive, with no heated arguments, but it's inevitable that sometime in the discussion, there will be an argument. As a community member, you will want to observe what's going on and decide between the two:
  1. Notify a community moderator if the argument gets severe. From my past experiences, I’ve noticed users trying to stop an argument, but it results in more intensity. It’s recommended that a moderator handle these situations.
  2. If the argument seems to go to a direction of resolution, just leave it as it is.

Handling Spam and Unhelpful Discussions

As a member of you board, you will need to help maintain the good discussions, and throw away the unhelpful/spam/inappropriate discussions. If you ever come across any of those posts, you should do the following:
  • If you are a moderator, you should decide whether to take action.
  • If you are TL3, your flags will hide TL0 posts, and will notify a moderator
  • If you are TL4, your flags will hide posts of all TL3- posts.
  • If you are none of above, it’s still recommended to flag the post and wait for a moderator to handle it
  • If the post gets 5 unique flags, it will automatically hide the post


Flags are an easy way for moderators to be notified of posts that don't belong in the board.


It's probably the most common types of flags used, and it's mainly advertisements. Some examples include:
  • Advertisements of a product
  • Junk photos
  • Repeated words(Copy/paste)
  • Random emojis
  • Random characters(Such as qwrtywqrwq)


I don't see too much of this, but sometimes can appear. Scenarios:


I need help setting up my bootcamp. I’m stuck on step 2. Can someone help me?

Irrelevant Mike(replying to Bob):

OMG! I love ur profile pic. PLZ send me a pic ok?


Inappropriate content will sometimes appear on your forum. Some content examples include:
  • Inappropriate photos
  • Explicit language
  • Rude texts

Something else

If you think the post is unwanted but it doesn't fit the above 3 categories, use the Something Else option and tell the staff specifically what is wrong about the post and why it should be handled/removed.

Tell the user directly

If you feel that you need to tell the user directly, use the option Send a message. Tell them what they did wrong and what they should do to fix it.

The like button

If you think the like button is just a heart that spams the user's notification box, it's not. The like button is an essential aspect in the community which tells the other user that you appreciate their effort and contribution to their forum without having to actually type it. Plus, discourse made a new Zogstrip Shield, that just shows a message like: @user liked 50 of your posts.. Liking posts are essential!

Keeping a good ongoing discussion

Obviously a discussion won't be a discussion unless there is a discussion. Here's my personal tricks to kick off a nice ongoing discussion.
  • Be friendly and passive
  • Don’t try to be the “leader” of the discussion. This usually is a problem for many megathreads.
  • Don’t post short tiny posts or incredibly long posts.
  • Try to act lively and compliment users.
  • Don’t try pushing your opinion in other user’s faces.
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS, as it is said to be shouting.
  • If you see any offensive or unwanted posts, flag it!

Short, chunky, and confusing posts

You might be tempted to post as if the board was a chat, but that can be quite confusing to many. Here's some examples and how to fix them.

Post 1:

I need help

Post 2:

Code: print(“Hello World!”)

Post 3:

Nevermind I fixed it.

Post 4:

It broke. Plz help

Post 5:

Typo solved.

Instead try to merge those posts or edit them.

Post 1.

Hello, my code here is not working. I need some assistance on this. Code: print(“Hello World!”).

Post 2:

I have fixed it. Thank you.
Edit: I think it broke, but it was a typo. It’s solved.


I hope you understood some basic elements of being a good community member and how to handle various situations. Keep in mind that its not always going to work the way you want it to work.

Credits to @jomaxro, @codinghorror, and my awesome community members,

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Feel free to add on to this. I’m sure I’m missing millions of good info!