Hack to get around editing a poll after 5 minutes, what are the implications?

(Steven Slade) #1

Continuing the discussion from Cannot edit a poll after 5 minutes as an administrator:

In the linked topic, the discussion surrounds the fact that admins cannot update, edit, or add polls after 5 minutes.

Well I really want to add a poll to a question that was added months ago that would ask whether user’s found the question useful.

In the backend I changed the created_at time of the post to Time.now and then edited the post and added the poll. I then immediately reverted the created_at time to what it was before.

Yay, it totally works, I added a poll. BUT, I am weary, what are the implications of what I have done…

(Régis Hanol) #2

I guess you’ll see? :wink:

I actually don’t know for sure, but you should be just fine

(Steven Slade) #3

My biggest worries were:

  • User stats changing
  • question showing up as a new question
  • question appearing as the user’s last question they posted

After checking the user’s last post, the last post across the entire site, and the fact that queries probably did not run in the small window of time to change the user’s stats, I feel as though it did not effect these.