Hamburger button broken on Firefox for Android (Mobile web browser)

(JBert) #1

I happened to be surfing to meta.discourse on my mobile phone which runs Firefox for Android.

The hamburger menu button is present but pressing it appears to do nothing (I had it open the menu once when playing with the “Request Desktop Site” option).

Browsing using the “classic” version of Firefox on my PC does not appear to have any problems.

EDIT: Hang on, it seems like it might work when I’m not logged in, I found this out when trying to reproduce it on the Atom forums where my cookie must have expired. I’m going to do some extra investigations. EDIT 2: See below.

(JBert) #2

Very odd…

Behavior on and on seems to be similar:

  • Logged in:
  • Hamburger menu works 1 / 10 times on a freshly loaded page, and when it opens I cannot close it again by pressing the hamburger menu, I have to tap some other part of the page.
  • When I scroll down I cannot open the hamburger menu ever.
  • Logged out:
  • I can use the button just fine on any freshly loaded page. The menu can be opened and closed by tapping the hamburger button.
  • Scroll down and the button stops working. If I scroll back up to the top of the page (I’ve been testing this with the home page and single-post topics), the button works again.

The other buttons don’t seem to suffer from this problem: the “User” menu never seems to have this problem (when logged in of course), and Search always takes me to a new page.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

As this does not happen on Safari/iOS or Chrome/Android this is by definition a Friefox for Android bug. Markup is identical in all 3 cases.