Handling Amazon Links

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #1

Hi, i am configuring links to Amazon affiliate program at my forum.

If I right click and open the link in new window, it works well.
On the other hand if I just click on the link and allow to open in the same page it doesn’t. It just gives blanks page

In same window it tries to open the link

In New window it comes as:

Is it do with my nginx setup, if yes, then what I should change? Or is this a bug?

(Robin Ward) #2

It’s possible Amazon doesn’t like being redirected to an affiliate link for abuse reasons.

Currently all discourse links go through a redirect so we can track how many times they’ve been clicked.

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #3

Any way to override the behaviour?

I tried target="_window" , target=" _tab" but that also doesn’t seems to work.

(Robin Ward) #4

There is no easy way to disable it right now in the application code. @codinghorror perhaps we should add a site setting to disable click tracking?

@hrishikesh in the meantime, one huge hack to avoid this, if you have access to set custom javascript for your forum, would be to run some Javascript like this to disable the click tracking: Discourse.ClickTrack.trackClick = function() { return false; }

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #5

I tested the script using chrome and it solves the problem. So it is about amazon not liking redirecting. Thanks for helping out.

And I am quite new to web world so will wait for official fix to come. Before messing it up manually on the installed discourse instance.

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #6

@codinghorror, is this planned?

(Camille Roux) #7

how did you configure Amazon affiliate program at you forum?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

There is the official amazon affiliate plugin now:

(Jeff Atwood) #9