Has anybody created themes for Discourse?

(Kris) #22

Looks great! I’m assuming you went in and edited the core CSS files rather than using the built-in customize editor with overrides, thus the frustration with the frequency of new commits? I believe the plan is to begin refining how the theming process works towards the end of the month to ease the pain of the current override-based system and make the platform mobile-friendly.

WTF is cloud anything? The internet is a cloud!

(Jim Liu) #23

Loos Awesome!

I like it!!!

Where can I download it?

(Trevor Williams) #24

No, it was mostly edited via the CSS editor using too many !important overrides. I never touched the core CSS files. But that only went so far until I had to manually edit the handlebars. :smile:

(Juffin) #25

Great work, i have a question - i can’t find <a tag defined in core files, i need to attach additional class to it, maybe you know where it is located? xD
Github/Source code search did not really gave any meaningful results…

(Kris) #26

awesome! really love that you got create with the search bar implementation

(Brentley Jones) #27

I themed my instance over at http://incendiarylegion.com. It’s only a recolor, but the point was to try to match my old forum over at http://forum-archive.incendiarylegion.com. I think I did a pretty good job. I still have some work to do of course.

(Jeff Atwood) #28

Looks good! I would darken the flames quite a bit more.

(Trevor Williams) #29

Nice design man! Job well done.

(Brentley Jones) #30

I darkened the flames and I fixed some of the text-shadows on text that are “bare” (without a transparent background). It’s not as vivid, but definitely more readable/less distracting.

(bunjee) #31

Greetings guys,

I’m currently in the process of creating my own theme.

@awesomerobot @trevor @Ajarn is there a place to download your custom CSS files ?

Thanks :heart:.

(versvs) #32

Hi @bunjee, any pointer to a documentation resource on where to put the files for my own theme (apart from the css rules in the customize section)?

(bunjee) #34

As far as I know theming is not completely supported by discourse yet.

If you need to add components I guess the best option is to tweak the code directly and merge changes at each pull.

There might be smart ways to avoid “painful” merging. But that’s not the best scenario we could hope for.

I think I’ve read there’s plan to change that in the future.

I’m sure contributions are welcomed on that matter :smile:.

(bunjee) #35

That’s definitely something useful for me.

I’m also curious about what you did to change the home page to something of your own.

I’m trying to use discourse for a small “community”.

Tweaking the top bar and adding a few pages would be enough for my need.

Originally I thought about coupling it with Wordpress but since I’m starting fresh I thought I could build directly from the discourse foundation.

I still have to experiment to see if that’s doable and smart :smiley:.

(versvs) #36

Thanks @bunjee i’m pretty new to Ruby (i just started collaborating with spanish translation, no ruby code required :wink:) , but I’m taking “discourse as my first ruby app” and one of the reasons to install and run it is to be able to learn something as well :blush:

Again, thanks for the info.

(incubus) #37

Hi, that theme looks great. Care to share some of how you did it? I’m completely new to it, I am definitely not a front-end guy, but I am looking to replace a very old forum in a similar way (and its black and red and firey, your theme would be a great place to start from for me!)

PM me if you can help!


(Brentley Jones) #38

Sorry, been pretty busy. I simply did a lot of CSS class statements. Most of my changes were background color to levels of transparency, borders the same, and text color (being a dark theme). I can PM you the CSS as it stands. It’s not very optimized and I’m sure it will break once they do the redesign/restructuring that I heard is coming along with proper mobile support.

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #39

I heard is coming along with proper mobile support

Is there any post / announcement on to it? May be I missed it. And are there any timelines say a month from now or later part of the year?

It will be good if we can know any such big breaking changes coming along.

(Cayce Collins) #40

Started on a Battlefield 4 theme (only 5hrs or so, but coming along nicely)

Made both the header and the actions div fixed positions as well, so they slide with large post counts.

(Amit Friedmann) #41


  1. Removed “Activity” column (Personally I think it’s it’s too verbose, less clean for most people)
  2. RTL, right text aligning and some right floating for tables, posts and titles (that’s a hebrew forum, RTL…)
  3. Left floating of dates in user activity (just look better with RTL titles)

Sorry for not putting screenshots, I’ll try to do it later today.

(Kane York) #42

Why didn’t you switch the locale to Hebrew yet (in the admin panel)?

EDIT re @amitfrid below: ah, that would explain it (← below post limit)