Has anyone built something for informal status updates - Chat?

(Sam Saffron) #34

That UI could potentially work, though they would probably want a “full screen” mode so you can just shove it in a tab.

(Panteen Pro-V) #35

I think it’s similar to how Facebook Chat works. Chat dialog can be easily accessed anywhere when users need to post some messages.

(Joe Seyfried) #36

@Huey_Le @sam the combination of that icon plus a dedicated “chat thread”/category looks ideal to me. The only thing I wonder is: can we suppress a given thread/category from being listed in the normal :discourse: listings (latest, new etc.)? Then the rest should be relatively easy I suppose: the drop down could be an iframe-ish display of that thread/category, and users could open that thread in a tab if they must.

(David García-Navas) #37

Hide a category on latest tab is possible:

But we and i think other people too are expecting that :discourse: team improve this feature because i think is not possible hide the subcategories from a category, nor two or multiple categories.

(Claus Strasburger) #38

How about just using a dedicated thread for chat? The only thing necessary for that would be seperate, more loose posting restrictions. For example, short, quick posts should be allowed.
The only thing missing then would be a little CSS on that thread (can you put custom CSS only on a category?) to hide all those buttons’n’margins™.

(mountain) #39

There’s something like that already implemented on a Discourse install in the wild, but I prefer said thread be available from an icon in the upper right as per @Huey_Le’s mock up above.

(Joe Seyfried) #40

Which are per-thread (or per-category) settings of post length etc. - which we haven’t. If I look at @purldator’s link, the sheer length of that monster thread makes me a bit sick… In my current non- :discourse: -shoutbox, I have a simple TOL for all chat messages, or simply a limit of, say, 2000 messages. If more are coming in, the oldest ones get deleted. Who cares about yesterday’s chat messages? That’s something else that bothers me - I could use such a garbage collector for another use case I have on my current forum (a marketplace board in which threads get auto-deleted after n days).

(Panteen Pro-V) #41

Agreed, should be able to set the max limit for shoutbox messages

(Esko) #42

That mockup (I assume) looks incredible, is there anyone up to the task of implementing it as a plugin? How much work would you estimate it requires, and is money encouraging? :sunglasses: :moneybag:

(Panteen Pro-V) #43

I don’t know how much would it cost but perhaps someone can actually open a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to hire developer to develop this.

(Joe Seyfried) #44

Well, actually, I am currently working on it as my second nah, it really would be the third plugin (which is not a complete rip-off of another existing plugin). Here’s what I have at the moment:

…the design approach if crappy, I don’t have any notifications yet, development speed is glacial because I have to drill into Discourse’s inner workings, brush up my Ruby and Ember knowledge, and I do this in my spare time (among many other things) but I guess in a few weeks I can put out a first version to fiddle around with.

Currently, there are too many things hard coded and only working with my instance; I have a strange problem that code works only in the development version, but not in the production release, but the thing I like the best is: it works! :blush:

(Yeah, money always helps, but I currently cannot provide the service level which would justify anything like this… :wink: )

How to put a specific topic into a box for a shoutbox plugin
(Esko) #45

Great work! For the community we’re looking to use this with we would prefer to have the reply box open all the time and not cover the conversation. You do as you like of course. :grinning:

Is it hosted on GitHub, or do you want to keep it private for now?

(Joe Seyfried) #46

Thanks. The open reply box is on my (rather long) list.

I will put it online to GitHub as soon as it’s ready to leave my server - currently, you’d have to hard code stuff for your instance to get it working - I will keep you posted.

I’m aiming at a “normal” plugin installation experience; currently, this would involve creating a shoutbox topic, note its ID, make it unlisted, create a theme, copy its ID into the source code along with the topic ID etc - that’s basically the (shorter) list of things before the GitHub launch.

(Panteen Pro-V) #47

Any progress so far? I would like to test it out once it’s ready

(Joe Seyfried) #48

Currently not - I came across some issues, and currently, I have to deal with a complex vCenter migration. As soon as my spare time permits, I will continue and let you know here when there’s something to look at…


I come every day in the “meta” waiting for the topic “Chat for Discourse released” :cry:

Someone made progress?

(NomNuggetNom ) #50

@lightyear is working on one, here is the status:

(Kane York) #51

25 posts were split to a new topic: Babble - A Chat Plugin

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #78

@gdpelican I think you’d better start a new topic in the plugins category about your project, so that it’s easier to discover and follow.

(Kane York) #79