Has anyone else had complaints of latency recently?

(Charles Walter) #1

I havent noticed problems personally, but I have received a few comments from heavy users about our performance. Trying to get more info, but thought I would ask here.

“Hola que estara pasando con los foros las paginas se tardan en cargarse y cuando uno quiere opinar en los temas se tarde mucho en abri el tema y no se dia para contestar y mis cookies estan limpias y no es mi compu que en otras paginas internet esta super rapidas es imposible andar asi por los foros es mucha lentitud. esto ya tiene 2 semanas . platicando con una forista ella tambie tiene el mismo problema. espero respuestas gracias.”

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Are they seeing delays to CDN, or delays to site data? Pressing F12 and using the network tab can shed some light, if they are on desktop.

Not aware of any issues at the moment: https://status.fastly.com/

(Charles Walter) #3

I could see what she was talking about on longer topics like these. It also probably doesn’t help that the user has signatures included. The problem may have been complicated by the introduction of the additional ads every nth post.

I am asking her to disable signatures for the time being to see if that helps her.

We have seen healthy numbers, but I can imaging that for heavy users, the richer media experience might require a more powerful machine.

(Charles Walter) #4

The user’s signature was an animated GIF weighing 1.4MB. Might be an opportunity to warn users about the dangers of having heavy signatures. @Falco perhaps for the signature plugin we’ll need to look at allowing for some file size restrictions :frowning:

Not sure this if this is the reason, but I could see how heavy signatures with animiation, plus more ads, plus long topics could lead to a subpar loading experience. And no need for " I told you so" :wink:

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

47MB of images on that topic. Back in my time, when forums had signatures, the moderators replaced heavy signatures with a elephant image.

Maybe edit heavy signatures and educate the members about?