Has Meta become slower recently?

At the moment, it takes around 3-6 second for a topic with few replies to load, and 3-4 s to go back to home (with my web connection). Or just 6-7 s for loading a user profile.

Is anything new regarding the loading speed?

P.s: I know that my web connection is slow, but Discourse was doing great before with the same connection. Also I can access other web applications much faster than current Discourse.

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Topics here on meta are loading in under one second for me :man_shrugging:


No noticeable change here. You could experiment with using a different browser or try clearing your current browser cookies/cache and such just to see if maybe it’s a local problem.


No noticeable change on our very active hosted community. THe only time we get slowdowns is around Discourse update time, but that’s unique to our community.

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thanks for your replies,

here are some snapshots of the way it opens for me at some random points:

this doesn’t happen all the time, plus the fact that I know about my slow web connection.

I just feel that the discourse world was much better 2-3 weeks ago, with the same connection :upside_down_face:

Unless you can repro it here, disable all third party plugins and rebuild.

Looks like @Pad_Pors is showing a screenshot to meta.

@Pad_Pors is your connection from the country you are become slower over the past few weeks to various US/UK based sites?

Much of this is not under our control, if packets are traveling slower between countries to our CDN and hosts that are either US or Ireland based there is not too much we can do to improve it.


Recategorized to #site-feedback


That can be the reason. Thanks for your attention, Discourse team :heart:

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