Having private subforums

(Steve Turner) #1

Is it possible to have private subforums? I’d love to have a private place where users can post things related to their account matters so they can only see the topics they start and their replies.


(Michael Downey) #2

Would this be the same as the following topic?

(Bryan) #3

You can set up private topics because you can adjust permissions through categories, so only allowing certain people to see certain topics.

(Steve Turner) #4

This looks like it is exactly what I’m looking to do, especially the part where the private message can go to a group of administrators for one to pull off (like a queue) and respond to but the conversation is visible to everyone. Is this already implemented or is it still coming down the pipeline?

(Steve Turner) #5

Does this mean I can have a category that is like “Personal requests” where if you create a new topic in there, it is only visible to you and the administrators?

(Sam Saffron) #6

There is no way to do exactly that, I would argue it can create a fair amount of confusion. You would be mixing “private” stuff with “public” stuff.

Groups have a fixed member list. Creating “Personal requests” group where User A sees 3 topics and User B sees 7 topics is both technically challenging and potentially confusing.

Our intention is for you to use private messages for this purpose, which are visible on your user page in your “private bin”, if you need to expose better shortcuts to do this, it also makes sense.

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