Header moves when opening/closing Oneboxed Image



Basically the header moves some pixels to the right/left if you open an Oneboxed image. Size of the image does not seem to matter.

It probably happens because the Scroll Bar dissapears once you click on the Image / you are in the Onebox view or whatever that’s called :anguished:

This is on Chrome 42.0.2311.60 beta-m (64-bit) but I can repro on Firefox Developer Edition 38.0a2 (2015-03-20) too. Probably Browser-independent.

(Jens Maier) #2

This looks like a weird quirk of CSS.

When the lightbox is shown, the scrollbars are removed. This changes the size of the viewport, but only elements with position: fixed are moved accordingly. Even the body container doesn’t reach into the area formerly occupied by the scrollbar. :confused:


Just saw that the

gets weirdly “antialised”? when this happens. It looks pixel-y and after 1 second it looks right again.

(Kane York) #4

That’s probably your browser due to it moving due to the scrollbar going away.