Hearing people are having trouble signing up / logging in to my new Discourse community

(Meredith ) #1

I keep getting messages from friends like “I’ve had issues logging in here” or the following:

“I’m trying to sign up and clicked create but it’s hanging and has been stuck for the last 10 mins”

Any insight on this, anyone? Is login or sign up acting up?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Do you have any plugins? Can you share a link to your forum?

(Meredith ) #3

Hi @Falco – Duh, meant to do that: community.bevoya.com

Plugins…not yet…

Thank you!

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Just created an account with Facebook login, and it took like 1 second.

PS: You changed the OK color from green to yellow:

That’s a bad UX.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

It is odd that both the help text and the OK text are showing up in the screenshot. What kind of devices are people signing up, with and how recent are the devices?

(Meredith ) #6

Hey @Falco Thanks for the feedback. I’m working to figure out my color scheme in stolen moments. That green was way bright and I hadn’t figured out where it was showing yet…

I’ve been creating accounts to check every time with email, FB, and Twitter and have had no problem. No idea what’s going on with them.

(Meredith ) #7

Hey @codinghorror One of them is this one, whatever it is:

And the other was an iphone 6

(Jeff Atwood) #8

If it is an older Android device (think 2013-ish) there can be issues if they are not using a modern browser such as Chrome. So if they are on Android, definitely ask them to make sure they use Google’s Android Chrome browser, so it is kept up to date.

There should be no issues whatsoever on any recent iPhone.

(Meredith ) #9

Thanks @codinghorror I will try to figure out which device moving forward or if it’s just user error. Since these are people I know I can be pretty sure these two aren’t using any devices older than one year or two max. They both work in technology…

(Meredith ) #11

Ergh, still getting that feedback RE: people unable to sign up!

I feel like I might need to give up on this. It’s hard enough to get some of the people in this part of my world (writers, artists, early 40s) into an environment like this without these login problems.

Feeling so stuck on this issue and not sure how to solve it. Literally every person who’s tried to join the forum has mentioned a login issue.

(Steve Combs) #12

Don’t give up. Looks like a great site.

I just set up an account with no problem. Android s7 + chrome browser.

Will just need to ask users to upgrade, email a support email, or put up a banner explaining things. I am dealing with similar non-technical users. No sign up or login problems, but I used the invite feature.

You could add a “Problem signing up?” banner with instructions to email you. Then just send them an invite. One click and they are in (hopefully).

(Meredith ) #13

@scombs Thank you so much for taking the time to look and respond to this!

I think the problem for me is that it is really hard to convince my people to give this a try, so any obstacle means they’re falling away. I like your idea about the Problem signing up banner. I’ll give that a try. Does an invite work immediately and they don’t need to do anything else?

Thank you again!

(Steve Combs) #14

Just visit your preference page at Beautiful Voyager Forum and click the Invites button.

From the screenshot below:

We’ll send a brief email allowing your friend to immediately join by clicking a link, no login required.

The user will receive an email to activate and set their password for later sessions. The email they receive states:

This invitation is from a trusted user, so you won’t need to log in.

They will need to set their password to login for future sessions.

Invite screenshot

(Meredith ) #15

Wow, this is great! Thank you again @scombs. I’ve added the post you mentioned and will definitely be using this invite approach. Great to know about. You’ve kept me committed to this forum!