Help! I need to contact discourse support team for corporation!

(Louise Han) #1

Hi everyone,

Does anybody know how to contact their support team by email? I want to send email to your support team, but i can’t find your email address on the site.

I manage a community, which use discourse system, but our forum isn’t available on Discourse app, I want to contact support team to know why, and how can I connect our forum on Discourse app.

This is our community:

Any comments and suggestion are much appreciated!

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(Régis Hanol) #2

Hi Louise,

You don’t seem to be one of our customers. Maybe you’re one of

(Louise Han) #3

Hi @ Régis Hanol

Thanks for your quick reply.

What is the difference between the discourse and discoursehosting? It’s different 2 products from one company?

If I use discoursehosting, can I connect our community on discourse App?:joy:

(Régis Hanol) #4

We, Discourse, build the product and provide hosting services. is different company also providing hosting services.

Either way, any Discourse forum should work just fine in the mobile Discours application provided it is up to date which is not the case for

I see that you’re using Discourse 1.5.3 which is 2 years old…

(Louise Han) #5

So you think that as long as our forum is upgraded to the latest version, it can work find in the mobile Discours application, right?

If I want to upgrade our discourse forum to the new version, do I need to pay extra fee to your company?

(Régis Hanol) #6

You’re not one of our customers, so no.

(Louise Han) #7

So I really want to know whether there is any way to allow my forum to successfully access the discourse mobile app.

Do you know how can I upgrade my forum? Is your company provide any upgrade service?:blush:

(Régis Hanol) #8

Provided your instance is 2 year old, I’m guessing you self hosted it. So you’ll have to ssh into the server and do a rebuild. Something like this

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

No. We don’t provide consulting services.

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

But I provide consulting services. I have a standard Discourse Upgrade – Literate Computing service, though if your site is that old, the upgrade is likely to also require complex issues regarding the OS and disk space for a database upgrade. I’d likely charge at least twice that, but can’t know until I see what your setup looks like.

(Richard - #10

Nope, but you can be :).
If you commit for a year on the Professional plan we’ll do the upgrade for free and after that you’ll never have to worry about upgrades again, because we’ll take care of it.

(Louise Han) #11

Hi @zogstrip, @RGJ,

Thanks for all the suggestion yesterday.

I talked with our technicians team, they said we could upgraded to the newest version by ourselves. But they also worry about one thing. Because we use discourse system and we also have personally developed some pages, such as the raffles page, we would like to know if these personalized pages can be retained and presented in the discourse APP after we upgraded to the newest version.

Because our main purpose is to present all the website content on the mobile discourse application, Can you guys confirm this with us?:grinning:

This is our community:

Many thanks!

(Michael Howell) #12

If you want to retain a customization across updates, you need to develop it as a #plugin. Discourse plugins can provide custom pages, like this one does. And they work within the Discourse app, which presents custom pages using an embedded browser.

(Richard - #13

That depends a lot on how these personalized pages were created. If they are made as a plugin then we just need to check if that plugin is still compatible with 1.9.x / 2.0.x and change some things were needed.
If your technicians have been forking the source code, then it’s a bigger issue.

If you want to, we can have a quick look and estimate the amount of work required. Send me a PM if you’re interested in exploring this option.

(Louise Han) #15

Hi @RGJ,

It seems that all the discourse forum has email notification function, right? Which means if users not active in the forum, and someone @him in the forum, their personal email box will get email notification. So they can click it and comeback to the forum to continue the conversation.

My question is our forum also use discourse system, but our users reflect that they never get a email notification from our forum. Is it because our discourse system is too old to upgrade? So we don’t have this function?

If we doing a rebuild, can we recovering the email notification and mobile discourse application function?

Thank you for your kind reply, I’m really appreciated it

(Jay Pfaffman) #16

It’s hard to tell from your description what the problem might be. It could be that your mail server isn’t working correctly. What do the mail logs say?

(Jeff Atwood) #17

If you continue to need assistance with your install @Louise_Han, we strongly recommend you follow up with Jay at or Discourse Hosting at

Please note that Discourse 1.5.3 is quite old (we’re about to release 2.0 in 8 days) and there are a number of important security updates you are missing by staying on such an old version.

Help! How can I upgraded our self hosted community?
(Louise Han) #18

Thanks, I will contact them as soon as possible.

(Louise Han) #19

Hi Jeff Atwood,

We also want to know what other benefits and advantages of upgrading to the latest version of discourse.

It seems like many functions and features are same as old version, isn’t it?

(Bhanu Sharma) #20

You will have the following:
Better optimized code
Better compatibility with plugins
Compatibility with themes (and theme components)
Added features which were introduced through various versions
Much better support experience overall as more recent versions get fixes faster than older versions.

There are many other more technical benefits of running newer code which probably be out of the scope.


No :wink:

Check out the #releases category