Help identify if my server usage is close to its limits

(Anton) #1

Today my forum went broken and slow. I suspect not all files used to load properly. A lot of users from different regions reported it by email and by phone.

It is running $20/mo Digital Ocean instance:

Now, here are the Graphs. May you please help me identify if they signal that we are close to the server limits in terms of its capability to handle more requests?

Do you think a $20 Digital Ocean VPS is way too small for the following current views/visits per month?

(Kai Liu) #2

CPU utilization is low. Memory usage is high. Disk free space is not quite big but should be OK so far. I/O seems OK for an SSD droplet.

The graphs are not at high resolution(sample rate-wise, not image size) so it may not be good enough for troubleshooting. My best guess is running out of memory.

I recommend you install netdata to get real time, high resolution, low resource consumption monitoring data. When yo feel the site is slow, look into netdata dashboard immediately to find which process is eating resources.