Help needed in setting up new relic plugin



I’m using the below new relic plugin

I think this is a modified version of @sam 's initial new relic plugin

I made below changes in the app.yml file

in ENV:
NEW_RELIC_LICENSE_KEY: licence-key-that-I-took-from-new-relic
NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME: i-used-a-random-name

added below line too
git clone

and on the last line:

And then did an app rebuild.

But when I checked the new relic dashboard I’m not really seeing anything there.

Did I make any mistake?
I’m guessing I didn’t go wrong here NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME: - I just put a random name there. And then used the same name twice in the app.yml file at both the places where it was required.


Its showing up data now. I just had to wait for few more minutes after doing launcher rebuild app
Everything is good now.

(Daniela) #3