Help on Featured Categories Header

Hi I am new to discourse so I have a question on featured Categories Header

I am trying to achieve this but i can’t

They have given a few line of code

  .below-site-header-outlet.categories-header {
    .wrap {
      .categories-header-item {
        [each item's link, logo, name..]

how can i specify the item’s link logo and name

Can anyone clarify this?


Hi, welcome :wave:

If you want to display an image like the one in the example, you need to select the relevant categories in the theme component setting and ensure that they each have an image assigned (category settings → Images → Category Logo Image)


This is the Featured Categories theme component setting and I can’t find anything :frowning:

You have to edit your category setting:

Click on Images tab:


…and upload a Categry Logo Image!

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