Help seeding a new discourse forum?

(Ian Purton) #1

I’ve never run a forum before but I thought I would have a try in the Bitcoin space as the existing forums are retro (but not in a cool way).

I’ll log here how I go about my marketing efforts. Here are my initial thoughts, any further help gratefully appreciated.

First I need to get some content on the site, as any visitors don’t have much to look at at the moment. My current thoughts on strategies for this are to offer a competition, with Bitcoins as the prize, for the best posting each day.

I’ll create a topic describing the prize and then post that topic to 301 Moved Permanently

Wish me luck.

(baus) #2

FYI login with Twitter and Facebook are not setup correctly.

(Ian Purton) #3

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

(Michael Pavey) #5

Hi Ian,

How did this go? What strategies/tactics worked well for you, and what unexpected pitfalls did you encounter? I’d love to learn if you’re still open to sharing—it would really help get my community off the ground!


(Jeff Atwood) #6

Unfortunately that site is not around any more.

I have some advice on building community here: