Help selecting proper fonts for Chinese Discourse instance

(Zougo) #1

I set up some Chinese fonts, you open the effect is not necessarily good, I do not understand any technology, I learned some simple CSS, if you understand Chinese, you will find that the content is very characteristic.

(Zougo) #2

I can’t speak English either. The above is through Google translate

(Mittineague) #3

As far as I know there is zh_CN and zh_TW
Neither of those are what you need?

(Eli the Bearded) #4

It sounds like he wants help using better Chinese fonts, not just selecting a translation.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

OK I have edited the title; I have zero knowledge in this area so perhaps other Chinese Discourse users can chime in?

(sujato) #6

Hi Zougo,

Fonts on the web are hard! Currently on your site I see a Japanese font, not Chinese.

There’s a nice article on Chinese fonts for the web here:

If you want to ensure a consistent display for all readers, you will have to serve fonts over the web using @font-face. Normally this is hard for Chinese because of the large character set. But you can try this new approach by Google that aims to solve this problem:

A common problem of Chinese fonts is that font files are usually too large to be served as web fonts. Noto Sans SC Sliced tries to solve this problem. Instead of serving one single gigantic font file, this sliced version groups all glyphs into 102 machine-learned slices. The loading on the client side is expected to be much faster.