Help with discourse-sidebar-blocks plugin

Hello friends,

Few minutes ago i installed this plugin in GitHub - pmusaraj/discourse-sidebar-blocks

everything went fine but i noticed that the post tittle has been shrink to be in 2 lines as you can see in the picture below:

although the tittle is not long but you can see goes in 2 lines instead of 1.

the other question is, how i can show links to categories through this plugin ?
also can i add google adsense to it to show ad banner in the sidebar ?

Looked settings. There you can add the banner code via the html

sidebar_custom_content: "Custom HTML content. To show this, you must include 'custom_html' in block list above."

To do this, you can add them using html, or write a component for this plugin and include it in it.

Sorry sir, i didnt get this, can you be more clear because am new on this.

also i did this, i dont know if am on the right path but the adsense is not showing.

I beg your pardon, but it’s so hard for me to judge. Whether this code will be displayed on the page (F12), the plugin may be clipping HTML, you should look at each case separately.

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Its ok, lets skip this, sounds hard to me to understand, what i can do with the tittle going in in 2 lines ?
as i said the tittle is not that long but still going in 2 lines because of this plugin.

Any help please !!
how i can fix tittle going in 2 lines ?

There isn’t much that can be done by looking at an image of something that hasn’t been replicated by anyone else.

Right-click on the problem and in the context menu click “inspect” to open the browsers developer tools.

You will then be able to look at the HTML, text content, and CSS involved.

How to solve the issue will depend on what’s wrong.


Hi Jay, please put English language on your forum and tell us the URL to check it out if you need more help :blush:

Yes, as @SidV suggests, a link to the page would help with this.

Your second question, links to categories, you would need to write code for that, the plugin doesn’t include it yet. (Although, there is at least one other person working on including links to categories on the sidebar, so that feature may be coming soon.)