Help with installing Cloudflare SSL with my ubuntu cloud server (NGINX)


Some important information:

  • Ubuntu 16
  • NGINX (you would laugh on how many times it took me to spell this).
  • discourse is already installed
  • .key & .pem have already been added to the server
  • ssh noob

Could someone please give a detailed instructions on how to accomplish this?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2


Thanks! I’ll take a look. Obviously I never looked hard enough

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

If you don’t know how to add the #howto it makes it much harder to find what you’re looking for (at least for things that have a #howto document :wink:).


That’s probably why I never noticed :smiley:


Would this tutorial work?


So I’ve been following this tutorial How To Install Discourse Behind Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean and surprisingly it worked. You guys would laugh on how many installs I tried and how many swear words were involved in making this work.