Help with multisite configuration

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I’m new to discourse and docker. I need Multisite configuration guide .

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Discourse has an excelent search feature :wink:


I would suggest going through a standalone install to get a little experience with both docker and the discourse install process.

Then check out the multisite configuration topic:

When you’re sufficiently confused and want to give up, then go look over my sample 3 instance multisite:

& finally, if you want someone to do the work for you, I’ll install for a reasonable price.

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Thanks @webeindustry

I followed your guide and installed discourse. It is working well.
Now i have 1 .yml file (app.yml) in /var/discourse/containers.

Can i modify app.yml for multisite YAML ? or should i create new fie inside containers folder?

Please guide.



I made no contribution to the discourse cloud guide linked above. Yes, you can convert a single instance into multisite. Look at the code added in the hooks.

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Thanks @webeindustry

I used your multisite example. (my multisite app anme is app.yml)
Then i run

./launcher bootstrap app
./launcher start app

It’s are completed successfully

But when i was browse 3 web sites ,it redirect to 1st one. 2nd and 3rd websites not working.

How should i solve this?




Do you have a-records for each domain pointing to your webserver’s IP?

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Thanks @webeindustry

I’m testing this in locally with local DNS server. Yes i added A records .

nslookup shows myserver ip. But 1st website working.

I configured 1st server with SSL. After that i added multisite.


I’ve not tested this use case. Without looking at your server or at least the structure of your YAML I won’t be able to further assist.

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Thanks @webeindustry

ok. your multisite example use single container ? is that so ?
I can see /var/discourse/shared/standalone folders in my installation.
How can we use separate folder path for multiple websites?



Your YAML is incorrect. If it is correct you will see multiple folders.

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Thanks @webeindustry

app.yml (4.4 KB)

Here i attached my app.yml file. Please check it.



It looks correct. You will see different folders where it matters.

Check your /shared/standalone/backups.

Do you see:



I think the issue is the SSL. I’m thinking the multisite is not built for handling both those ports at the same time. Something is breaking.

Try to start over with port 80 only in use. If that is success dig into why this may be breaking for your case. I would look at the nginx configuration inside docker

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
cd /etc/nginx/conf.d

I think it’s labeled discourse inside that folder

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Thanks @webeindustry

I re installed discourse with 3 websites (using your multi site sample code). Now i can browse 3 web sites.

But i cant find different folders for websites.

I checked discourse.conf (./launcher enter app
cd /etc/nginx/conf.d)

But there is no configurations for other web sites.

How can we use separate containers for multisite.

Please guide.



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Dedosan open a #marketplace topic.

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Thanks all,

I configured multiple apps in multiple containers.