Help with SFTP for my Discourse

(Joseph Iwok) #1

I have breezed through the 30 minutes install of Discourse with Digital Ocean but my domain name displays ‘Hello Digital Ocean This nginx page was brought to you by Docker and Digital Ocean’

When I contacted Digital Ocean support, they said I need to use SFTP to upload my files to the droplet. My problem is I don’t understand how this works.

Can I just get the commands I need to type for this upload from others and get my site running?

(Dean Taylor) #2

There are a few sets of instructions out there online…

… from the message you have it sounds like

  • Either: didn’t follow the instructions exactly
  • Or: used out of date instructions.

Make sure you use these Discourse Setup instructions and try again.

(Joseph Iwok) #3

Thanks, but how do I know where the problem is so it may be corrected or would I start the installation from the beginning again.

PS: Those were the instructions I followed.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

It’s very different from what we expect on a normal Discourse installation.

Looks like some default nginx is running, so try this:

service nginx stop
./launcher start app

(Joseph Iwok) #5

Well, the reason being that Digital Ocean had recommended I set up nginx on my server.

After typing that, I get an error: ‘did not find expected key while parsing a block mapping at line 10 column 1 -e LANG=en_US.UTF-8’
I had accidentally made a mistake while editing my app.yml file, please how do I correct it so I can go ahead with the command you gave.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

From here I can see that line 23 is busted, but please paste the file so we can see everything else (after removing the passwords).

(Joseph Iwok) #7

(cpradio) #8

You are missing a space and " on the first line after expose:

(Joseph Iwok) #9

That worked! Thank you but am still getting the ‘Hello Digital Ocean This nginx page was brought to you by Docker and Digital Ocean’ response at my domain name.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

I suggest you start over with a new 1GB droplet and follow our official install guide at discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Joseph Iwok) #11

Rather than starting over with a new droplet; Is there a way I can delete/undo everything on the droplet and then start afresh?

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Sure use the DO control panel to reset the OS back to scratch. Follow the DO documentation on this.