Help with walkthrough plugin


(Maya Lesh) #1

We are interested in creating a walkthrough plugin for Discourse. We want the plugin to guide new users in configuring important user settings, and basically in their first steps in Discourse.
We were wondering if this feature is suitable for a plugin?
Suggestions for tools to implement the walkthrough will be welcomed.

(Michael Downey) #2

Is a plugin actually necessary?

There are a ton of lightweight JavaScript tools like Intro.js - Step-by-step guide and feature introduction for your website. I haven’t tried any of them but they are fairly simple to set up and surely worth looking at before set to out to make a plugin.

(Mittineague) #3

Would something like inserting tool-tips in Preferences be what you’re looking for?

(Maya Lesh) #4

Thanks for the suggestion, it looks really cool. The thing is we don’t want to be forced to merge into Discourse main branch with every update and we know that a plugin is a way to avoid this. Is there another way not involving plugins?

(Maya Lesh) #5

Tool tips in the preferences can be really helpful, specifically we want to suggest new users to update their profile picture, and set their status to Watching in the core categories of our forum.
So what might be even better is a tool-tip that appears on the main page and suggests users to make these changes in the preferences. I’m not sure if this functionality is too much for a tool-tip.

(Mittineague) #6

Seems improvements to the Preferences page might be of UX interest and have a chance of making it into Core.

The only thing I’m thinking for a plugin would involve over-riding the template file. i.e. FRAGILE

If that’s going to be done anyway, IMHO might as well add in little “?” icons with modal / lightbox type thingies.

(Maya Lesh) #7

So adding a tool-tip would necessarily mean over-riding the template file? We really want to avoid doing anything like it.

(Mittineague) #8

Another (less efficient) idea is to use ES to find elements and add functionality.

Or maybe CSS with "hover before"s?

In any scenario it would be FRAGILE

That is, if any changes were made to that page, the plugin would need editing.

As at least part of this is a UX thing I thing the Discourse Team should weigh in.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

There is a dynamic suggestion that pops up at the time of posting when a user has not set a profile picture, and has reached trust level 1.

### How about a picture for your account?

You've posted a few topics and replies, but your profile picture isn't as unique as you are -- it's just a letter.

Have you considered **[visiting your user profile](%{profile_path})** and uploading a picture that represents you?

It's easier to follow discussions and find interesting people in conversations when everyone has a unique profile picture!

We do this Just In Time since we figure it doesn’t matter if someone has a profile picture if they have never posted…

(Jesse Perry) #10

That’s a helpful help text! I didn’t even realize that existed but I guess that’s why my community is good at uploading profile pics :smile:

Is there a file somewhere that has all these help texts in them? Or is this the only one not in Admin > Customize?

(Maya Lesh) #11

That’s great! I didn’t remember that such a suggestion existed.
This solves part of our problem, but we still want another help text advising the users to change their watching status in some of the categories. Joining Jesse question regarding the location of all the help texts.

(Maya Lesh) #12

We solved the problem for now by adding a customised banner with the information we want new users to see.