Here is a non-urgent fun question on ‘solved problem’

I just had a question with two elements in it where two staff members gave me the solution and I wanna mark both answers as the solution so they are both attached to my topic starter for people to get the full answer. I am betting I am not the only member who has come across this. Does it open up a can of worms capping permitted solutions at two or three instead if one? Obviously, this isn’t a deal breaker for the effectiveness of this function.

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There are no plans for this.

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It is better to have an authorative answer. You could use one as the solution and like the other post or If neither fully solves the problem, like both but mark neither as the solution. In that case I would write a post detailing the combination which solved the issue and mark that as the final solution.

Keep in mind that the solution should answer the question or issue. If other posts give clarity or tips, then they deserve to be liked.