Hi! I'm new! :D

Hi! I’m new. I’m Zachyswag. I was introduced to discourse by using a discourse forum that I joined back in November of 2015! so that means I already know how to do stuff like this.

I recommend that you join the forum that I use. It’s here.

I look forward to being active on here and always being on!

Wow! This forum has a lot more badges than the other forum I use!

And more features. :smiley:

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I see people aren’t very active on here…

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This isn’t really a “hang out and say hello and chat” kind of forum :wink:

We’re adults doing paid work as in “it’s our job”, for the most part. Just to be clear :levitate:


Ok. I’m sorry. I wasn’t really sure. I still wanna be on here, because I do code, and I can use this as a “resource” for my coding!

Thank you!


You will get a lot of help, if you ask a specific question, but @codinghorror is right, this isn’t really a hangout spot. This is where we come to trade ideas and thoughts maintaining our own forums. For example, I head up support and ops for a photo editing software company:

Topaz Labs Discussion Forum

So, the information I find here helps me maintain and support that environment. I mean, yea, people are nice, but you need to bring something to the table to discuss.