Hidden replies? Looking for a way to make a secret poll

(Daniel Hollands) #1

Is there a way of setting a thread where the replies posted by members are hidden to everyone except themselves, and the person that posted the thread?

Our community has it’s 2 year anniversary next month, so because we’re geographically local, we’re hiring a pub and having a party to celebrate. As part of this party I want to give out some awards, one of which will be for “Community Spirit” - awards to the person that best exemplifies the spirit of the community, which is to be voted for by the community.

It’s because of this that I figured a thread, such as the one discussed above, would be a suitable way of tallying the results - everyone that wants to can post the name of the member they’re voting for, keeping it a secret from all but the admins.

This might be a bad approach, and not even possible, but I figured it was worth asking the question - I’m open to other suggestions for solving the problem. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hidden replies: educational settings
(Mittineague) #2

I haven’t experimented with them yet, but could whisper posts work for this?

(Daniel Hollands) #3

Ah, yes that may just work. It would require some instructions in the initial post explaining how to do it to the members, but it could solve the problem.

(Dean Taylor) #4

FYI: “Whispers” are only available to “staff” as far as I am aware.

(Mittineague) #5

Yes, I’ve just been testing this and it is not what I thought it was.

I knew whispers could be seen by moderators, but had thought that members could post and see their own whispers and any related moderator whispers. Kind of like an “a PM within a topic”

This is not the case. Only moderators can make and see whisper posts.
So it’s more like a “moderator topic within a topic”

I was thinking it might be possible for moderators to make other member’s posts into whispers (i.e. something like an unlisted post), but that isn’t an option in the edit post composer.

I guess the posts could be deleted and moderators could still see the content.
Question being, could moderators delete them fast enough so others wouldn’t see them?

(Dean Taylor) #6

Perhaps consider creating the topic, closing it.

But in the body of the topic create a link which creates a pre-filled “Private Message” with a subject line line “Vote and Nomination for Community Spirit”.

It would mean manually checking multiple personal messages though to gather the results.

Refer to:

The usefulness of this depends on the number of members.

(Mittineague) #7

IMHO that would seem to be a, if not the most, critical factor.

I think the problem has a lot to do with opposing contexts.
From a members perspective - a private message
From a moderators perspective - an open topic

Imagine being at a party where each of the guests is allowed to talk only with the host and you get the idea

After some experimenting with the “make messages public” feature I think what I would do is have a topic and delete the posts as soon after they were made as possible.

The “move” approach “works” but has the same “delete quickly” problem - and moreso - with the only benefit I can see being that moderators can more freely discuss posts in the topic.

the steps I took were

  • Make a type of “message me” announcement, Pin and Close to Replies
  • Make the first message public - it went to Uncategorized
  • then Unlist it
  • Make subsequent messages public, then “move” (which is really “split” i.e. more like a “copy” than move) to the first message which is now a topic
  • when done recategorize to a private category
  • delete the original message-topics

If that sounds messy it is because it was.

(Dean Taylor) #8

A “secret poll” is not really a problem.

The “poll” feature actually handles this quite well (votes are not public), the problem here is nomination.

I would probably run this as a two part process

  1. one where users are nominated by a deadline, either:
  • publicly (if nominating someone publicly is not an issue)
  • via “private message” with an admin updating the closed public topic of containing a list of nominees.
  1. Then later run a “poll” using the standard poll functionality to actually gather the votes.

If private nominations are used; this would mean far less work assuming that the likely list of nominees is shorter than the voters.

Either way it should reduce work effort involved and remove any need to “delete” something quickly.