Hide a user from a category

(Patrick) #1

How can i hide a user from a certain categorie or post ?

(Patrick) #2

is this possible to have an group not selected in that categorie ?
But how about trustlevel that this user has ?

(Robert McIntosh) #3

I hope this FAQ will answer your questions

(Patrick) #4

yes almost.
I can’t figure it out.

At this time i have 1 user that is not allowed in categorie A
I can’t see how i can do that :thinking::flushed:

(Robert McIntosh) #5

Ah, well Discourse security works by ALLOWING rather than DISALLOWING

The only way to exclude someone is to not make them part of a group that IS allowed access

Why just 1 user?

(Patrick) #6

ok, but users are automaticly assigned to trustlevels, so this user can’t also be in that level ?
Now it is just one user, but we have a growing community with different companies that can not see soms groups because of the information that is shared.

(Robert McIntosh) #7

I’m confused a little - you may need to spell it out a little more clearly

Trust Levels do not NEED to give any user access to any content unless you allow it

For example, you can create Category A for members of Group A, and Category B for members of Group B (whatever their Trust Level)

No-one from Group B will see Category A unless they are also a member of Group A

So you can have any combination you want of:

  • categories that are visible to everyone
  • categories that are visible only to those above certain trust levels
  • categories that are visible only to members of certain groups

Does that help?