Hide Bio, location, and website unless member of specific group

I want to hide bio, location, and web site unless a user is a member of a specific group. I thought that this was going to be “easy”, but I don’t see how it’s possible, even if I knew CSS.

There is a group in the <body> tag, but that appears to be the group of the user looking, not the group of the user whose profile it is.

In case I’m looking for the wrong solution to my real problem, the rest of the story is that what is desired is for there to be a special class of user who gets to be a “pro” and have contact info, company, location, and so on visible. Normal users will not be able to share that info.

And it should be another topic, probably, but I think the solution is, but also part of the big picture is that It would probably be cool if Pros could receive PMs from Normal users too (but no PMs between regular users).

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Yes, in your case it will be useful to have primary group class name for user profile pages.

If all the Pros have higher TL then you could do it via site setting min trust to send messages.

P.S. For normal users to initiate PM to Pros then you need a plugin hack.


Failing primary group class name being on user profile pages, what would be the easiest way to go about hiding user bio, location, and web site in a theme or plugin?