Hide private badge page?

(Nindita Giwangkara) #1

Hi dev,

Is there anyway I can hide badge page? So that normal user wont be able to view who are granted.
for example, in my board, I have badges granted to financial backer, how to hide the badge page for this particular type of badge.


(Michael Downey) #2

Each badge should (in its settings page) have an option called “Show badge on the public badges page” that you can uncheck if you don’t want it to display on the public badge page.

(Nindita Giwangkara) #3

Yes, already unchecked that.
Problem is when normal user encounter someone who has that badge and click it. It leads to the badge page with list of user who are granted with this badge.

(Sam Saffron) #4

What is the point of giving someone a badge if nobody can see it anywhere?

(John ) #5

We would like to have badges visible only to mods and admins. Our specific use case is a badge query that checks to verify which internal guidelines/docs our mods have read, but I imagine there would be other use cases.

(Sam Saffron) #6

You can deselect “show badge on public badges page” and then maybe use CSS to hide it from the public user page (which would leave it visible on the admin user page)

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