Hide suppressed categories from "Your topic is similar to..."

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #1

Continuing the discussion from Exclude / Suppress (Automatically) Closed Topics from the Homepage?:

On a similar vein to the topic above, I would like to suggest that topics from suppressed categories be excluded from the “your topic is similar to…” list that appears on topic creation. We have a few subcategories that are used, to a certain extent, as archives - things like resolved bug/support reports, or duplicate topics. We hide them from the latest view as we don’t want users to scroll through them when looking at “active” topics, where we want activity, and in that sense have the same approach to them appearing as suggestions when a user makes a new post.

Understanding that not everyone excludes categories from latest view for the same reason, an alternate request would be to have another checkbox in the category edit Setting page, for “Suppress topics in this category from the “Your topic is similar to…” list”.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Do you archive these topics? That would be the correct state for them, at least.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

No, we do not. We currently have 3 subcategories that are suppressed from the home page, and they all have slightly different reasons/uses for being suppressed.

  • Other Suggestions - This subcategory is used solely for topics in the Suggestions category which are duplicates. When found, we select all posts, and move them to the original topic. Doing so closes the topic automatically (as per the change here), and we then change the category. These topics could theoretically be archived, but that is another 2 clicks that aren’t really worth it.

  • Other Reports - This subcategory has a few different purposes.

  • Primarily, it serves the same purpose as other suggestions, duplicate reports, and thus the reasons for not archiving are the same as above.

  • It also serves as a subcategory for bug reports that aren’t actually a bug (and get tagged as such), bug reports that cannot be reproduced and/or do not provide enough details for the developers to look into, and reports that are no longer applicable for some reason (usually code/feature changes).

  • We do not close those 3 types of topics, as sometimes a user will post more information that has us reconsider. This doesn’t typically happen for no longer applicable posts, however, users will sometimes return after a long delay and give more details in a not reproducible report that has us move it back to bug reports. Additionally, reports that are not a bug typically require discussion with the user, as to why it isn’t a bug, how to resolve the underlying issue that caused them to think it is a bug, or a mis-understanding of the report.

  • Resolved Reports - This category has all bug, performance, crash, and general support reports that have been resolved. These topics are not closed, as the developers have indicated they prefer that regressions reports be continued in the original topic, as they sometimes contain useful information.

That is why the topics aren’t archived in the Discourse sense of the word, but would that solve the issue? Are archived topics suppressed from the “Your topic is similar to…” list?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

We have been discussing having an archived category status as well. cc: @neil

I think this would be useful for marking categories that hold stuff you want to physically archive at some point.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #5

Archiving categories would indeed be a useful feature in the future, but that isn’t what I am asking for. Some of the topics in the suppressed from homepage categories we do not want to be frozen in carbonite. We just want them to be out of sight on first glance (but not invisible). So,

  1. Are archived topics hidden from the “Your topic is similar to…” list?
  2. Would all topics in an archived category have the same effect as being archived as the feature is currently implemented?