Hide topics from topic listing/category view if the only post is hidden by flaging

(cpradio) #1

I’m not sure if this is the right place, but we’ve seen several posts (that are the only post for a given topic - so 1 topic 1 post) that get flagged, then automatically hidden (or hidden by Mod agreement), but the Topic remains visible on the topic listings, under New, Unread, the Category Listing, etc.

The only post of that topic was deemed not worth viewing, shouldn’t it hide the topic too?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There were some circumstances where the topic would be hidden if the first post was flagged to threshold. Possibly regression, but I am not sure hiding the topic is always the right thing. Perhaps when there is only one post in the topic as you indicated.

(cpradio) #3

Right, that is the only time I would want it to also hide the topic. In this case, there is only 1 post and it didn’t hide the topic when we took action on the only post in the topic.

(cpradio) #4

Okay, so I swear this was fixed on our instances, but it is happening again… Is there a fix for this in the pipeline? As I thought unlisted would also apply to these locations…

I thought for sure there was a topic posted on our site that said this was “temporarily” fixed, but I can’t find it and I may be confusing it with a different issue (the n+1 query for example).

Edit: FYI, @TechnoBear found the original issue and re-opened it.