Hiding groups or moderators to public?

Hi, we couldn’t find a way to make a category to public in a private forum so we made it like that:

  1. Forum is currently not in private mode but invitation only and which can be seen only by registered users.

  2. We have a public category which we make announcements to the public.

Eveything looks ok, except a visitor can easily see the groups and importanly moderators via mobile hamburger menu.

The question is how can I control which menu items can be seen by non-registered users? Is it possible to hide the Groups link to non-registered users? Please see attached. Thanks.

It is possible with CSS, which should prevent the average person from finding it.

Here’s how you hide the menu item with CSS:

.anon {
  a.widget-link.groups-link {
      display: none;

A more savvy person could look at the page source and still find it. It might also be possible to hide it with a theme component using the API, but I’m not entirely sure.

The other easy way to fully prevent this would to be to hide the groups page from all users by unchecking the enable group directory setting.


Thank you Kris. I did also uncheck the enable group directory setting. Very much appreciated.