Hiding "latest topics" from landing page?

(Zeta) #1

I’m trying to create a multilanguage site.

So far, I’ve created a landing page with a category for each language (4 languages so far) and inside each language category, there are different subcategories.

The problem is that Discourse forces me to have a “recent posts” section in the landing page. Each “recent post” can be in a different language. So it will happen that a french user can see a post in portuguese or spanish if it appears in this section.

Is there any way to hide this section from the landing page?

If possible, I’d want the landing page to be comprised ONLY of the different categories(each of wich corresponds to a different language: french, spanish, english, portuguese…).


(Lucas) #2

If I understand what you’re describing, search for the desktop category page style setting in your admin panel and switch it to “Categories Only”

(Zeta) #3

Solved it!!! Thank you so much!!!