Hiding Some subcategories

(Luis Bravo) #1

Hi! First of all thankvyou for creating discourse, is amazing!
I was wondering if i can hide some subcategories of a category because in one of the categories i have too many. and for mobile its a liitle dificult to navigate
Is a comunity for students, you can see the forum here: forum.estudiandoo.com
I attach an example


Hi there,
Can you clarify what you want to achieve? How are the sub-categories used? i.e. if you hide them, will people still be able to find and use them?

I wonder if you should be reconsidering your architecture. Does everyone need access to all categories?

(Christoph) #3

I agree. My question would be: what is the benefit of having a category for every university as opposed to using tags for universities or groups, for example.

I’d assume that one benefit of bringing together students from different universities would be that they may have things to discuss that are not specific to one university, so why force topics into those silos?

IMHO, it makes more sense to use categories for different types of topics, like: “Find friends”, “Exam tips”, “Admission”, “Student unions”, or whatever. But that’s just an aside, since I don’t know your forum.

(Luis Bravo) #4

OK , Thankyou HAWK & CRISTOPH im going to restruture the site. The goal was to create categories so students can view opinion on a specific degree or subject but this is not a right architecture as you said.