Hiding the Log In button


Is there a setting that will hide the Login Button?


(Mittineague) #2

AFAIK the “read only” setting will hide it.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

What are you trying to do?


I’m trying to require users to login on my main site, not through discourse SSO. By “Login” I mean that they would have to use the default login screen on my main site before participating in discourse and all of the login buttons on discourse would not be rendered.


(Jeff Atwood) #5

Correct, what you describe is what SSO is… login on the main site.

(Ben) #6

You can hide the login and register button with some custom css.

Add the following css to Settings->Customize->CSS/HTML->CSS

button.sign-up-button, button.login-button {
    display: none;