High score with top referrer of the day

Hi :smiley:

We’d like to use a discourse forum to promote an event. To make this as effective and viral as possible, we think about giving away daily prizes to the top referrer.

With the old dashboard on discourse I can see the top referrer over the last 30 days. But to be effective, we need the top referrer of yesterday or at least this week.

Is there already some way to show this information in a graph or high score table?

I’m not familiar with databases but also not a tech noob…is it possible to do this with the data explorer plugin? How dangerous is the plugin in the hands of an sql noob? :yum:


The plugin is read only, so while it’s possible to write a query that’ll put a heavy load on your server, it can’t do lasting damage.

There is a topic of cool data exporter plugins that has a bunch of examples. If you don’t see anything there, you can ask here for help with the query (perhaps renaming the topic).