Highlight selection of topics monitoring mode / active menu items

(lid) #1

better then trying to match icons, provide the user an immediate indication of the selected mode

###this is what we have now

edit: This issue is on a category monitoring level, not inside a topic

(lid) #2

The same concept can be applied to menu items
if the user is on the Latest page, the latest menu item will be “active”

still keeping the yellow for mouse over

(Jeff Atwood) #3

The active state is indeed highlighted already. To see this, click on the notification panel at the bottom, for example, where Tracking or Watching is already set for you by default as the topic owner.

(lid) #4

I can confirm that the active state is highlighted for the feature inside a topic

my report is for the category monitoring, I am sorry if this was not clear from my post.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

It also works the same way for category monitoring. Exactly the same way.

(lid) #6

Not exactly the same It does not do it for me by default

only after clicking specifically setting it. It will highlight blue
if you don’t believe me log in with my account.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Correct if no state is currently active/selected there is nothing to highlight. But if you do have a category state active/selected it will show in blue exactly like notification does right now for you at the bottom of this topic.

Oh wait I see what you mean, you consider regular a category state whereas I consider it no state at all.

(lid) #8

Yes correct inside topic it is working correctly even if I don’t set “Regualr” which is the default for any topic I did not create or reply to: it is going to be highlighted blue. Which is the expected behavior

But on the topics global level, the default is appear to be regular but is not highlighted by default.
which is not the expected behavior.

(Kane York) #9

It works for everything except regular on the categories page: