Highlighter (as in Stabilo) trick for quoted content

(Arnaud Sahuguet) #1

I use Discourse to share relevant articles on various topics.
I reference the article and quote some interesting sections.
But often times I want to also highlight some words to make it easier for the reader.

Markdown does not support highlights.
But using a combination of “>” and “`” you can get a semi-functional result.

Tweaking the CSS and you get what you want.

blockquote > p > code { background-color: yellow; font: inherit;}

For a live example, see [PBS] Forget the FOIA Request: Cities, States Open Data Portals - Civic Discourse .

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Probably fine, as long as you don’t have a legit need to put actual preformatted text (inline code) in your posts. In that case redefining inline code as a highlight should work.

(Arnaud Sahuguet) #3

My understanding is that inline code can be done using code or code.
Maybe the each could be translated differently, e.g. and . This way people can choose when they want to highlight and when they want to in-line code.