Highlighting bookmarked topics


(Sam Saffron) #1

I just checked in a change that adds the class .bookmarked to any bookmarked topics (a bookmarked topic is a topic with 1 or more bookmarks) and the class .liked to topics with liked posts.

Bookmarks are in many ways stronger than likes, when you bookmark a topic you are registering “interest” in a topic.

For my minimal design I went with this styling.

It works for me but is probably a bad pattern for general consumption. People will be scratching heads wondering why some topics have a yellow underline.

My two questions are:

  1. Do we need special styling for bookmarked topic?

  2. What should that styling look like on the topic list?

I think we need some sort of styling, or a bookmark glyph on bookmarked topics.

@awesomerobot any thoughts here?

(mountain) #2

Yes but not to extravagant levels that distract.

The bookmark glyph after the topic’s title should suffice, in a light shade.

Can do the same for likes, perhaps.

And maybe put a number overlaid the glyph to state how many replies are bookmarked in the thread. Or have the glyph’s color stand out more if the OP/the entire topic is bookmarked.

(Sam Saffron) #3

A glyph to the right could fight with unread/new

(Mittineague) #4

Yes, but on the left would stagger the titles.
6 one, half dozen t’other
IMHO beneath the title should be OK

I also like

(Sam Saffron) #5

I think this is fine imo:

Its a crystal clear UI, for added bonus clicking on glyph could take you to first bookmarked post.

Conceptually it is a type of a status.

(Mittineague) #6

I like it there and the staggered titles don’t bother me, but you know they’ll be some squawking

(mountain) #7

While at first I was against it being on the left of the title, it doesn’t look too bad since every title doesn’t have a glyph, as it was with the stars. I think that is what made them undesirable. They were on every topic.

Could do the same for likes. But I stand by my other suggestions to go along with it:

(Sam Saffron) #8

There a simple solution, remove your pointless bookmarks then :slight_smile:

(Sam Saffron) #9

Let’s not get into a discussion of special highlighting for liked topics, this has some very severe repercussions.

“Don’t like it, well stop bookmarking crap” does not cut it for likes, it would be toxic to the site.

(mountain) #10

Alright, that makes sense. Agreed.

(Ahmad Mushtaq) #11

Does this bookmark feature replace the stars ? I came back to meta after a few days and now I can not find my starred topics. So now I used the bookmark feature, but there is no indication on the main page which topics I have bookmarked. So yes we need special styling for bookmarked topics.

Could we have a way to import my starred topics to bookmarks ?

(Sam Saffron) #12

already done, all your starred topics are now bookmarks on post #1.

(Ahmad Mushtaq) #13

where is post #1? cant seem to find it.

(Sam Saffron) #14

post #1 aka. the first post you made on a topic … just go to your bookmarks.

(Alessio Fattorini) #15

I like it very much, more clear with icon on the left

(Gerhard Schlager) #16

Are you sure that starred topics were converted to bookmarks?
I’m not seeing any of my previously starred topics in my bookmarks (at least not in my profile). :frowning:

(Sam Saffron) #18

Very strange, I did test this and it did work, anyone else?

(JBert) #19

Stars are gone from the UI but I also don’t see the formerly starred topics in my bookmarks.

Is the bookmark topic list filter already implemented so I can check that way?

(Sam Saffron) #20

@zogstrip can you review my migration, I hope I did not muck it up

(cpradio) #21

Same for me :frowning: I had a few starred topics in the bugs area, that are definitely not in my Bookmarks area.