Highly unstable on Chromium

(Bruno Skvorc) #1

With 100% chance of reproduction, Discourse will freeze on all versions of Chromium on Windows 8.1.

Not being able to upload images as a new user is ridiculous, btw.

(cpradio) #2

Since we aren’t on latest, you probably won’t get much help on this. I did hear we are upgrading this week though… (by Friday)

If you can reproduce it here on Meta, you’ll get a lot of attention though!

(Clay Heaton) #3

I actually had something very similar to that happen while browsing meta with Safari 8.0.2 last night. It happened while I was trying to reproduce this bug:

(Régis Hanol) #4

Are there any errors in the javascript console after you click the category name?

(Bruno Skvorc) #5

Not in particular. But I do get these from time to time, though they’re unrelated to the crashes.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Yeah, we need a set of repro steps either here or on http://try.discourse.org (our sandbox) to classify this as a bug. Otherwise it might be something that was fixed weeks or months ago.

The general advice to open the f12 browser console and take a peek when / if you see weirdness is a good one.

(Bruno Skvorc) #7

The console can no longer be opened once the tab freezes, so that’s a no-go. I’ll keep the console open from now on and just report back when it happens, but the thing is, it isn’t a bug that can be reproduced by the same steps every time. Sometimes it works for an hour before crashing, sometimes it crashes within the first few clicks as in the gif, so it’s hard to list the reproduction steps.

I’ll keep monitoring the console and post back if anything interesting happens.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

Are you on a beta version? Is there a stable version of Chromium?

As a policy, we only support stable, released browser versions. Otherwise we end up chasing :ghost:s

(cpradio) #9

Most likely, based on this page

Define stable :wink:

(Bruno Skvorc) #10

There is no officially stable version of Chromium, no.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Then unfortunately we cannot officially support Chromium as a matter of policy. I’m sorry.

(Bruno Skvorc) #12

I have new findings regarding this - the error cannot be reproduced when the console/dev tools are open. Only when the dev tools are closed does this happen with 100% reliability, otherwise it doesn’t. Not sure how relevant or helpful this information is, but there it is. I’ll keep testing.


I use Chromium on both OS X and Windows as my primary browser, but I usually blame breaking apps/sites on my own decision to use it. For instance, right now, this thread has several blocks of Photoshop-style grey-white checkers of transparency. (But the same effect happens on twitter.com.) In the past, I’ve had tab crashes while using Discourse.

In general, these are usually ephemeral bugs which will make their way into Chrome eventually if they aren’t caught, so it’s probably not worth anyone’s time at Discourse to track these bugs ahead of time.

In the meantime… I don’t have to deal with Google Update. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sam Saffron) #14

hmmm so why use chromium as opposed to chrome? not following the reasoning here.


Hey Sam,

I’m not claiming I have a great reason to use Chromium over Chrome. I like having control over my browser update schedule, while at the same time being about 2 releases (6 weeks) ahead of the main Chrome release branch. I usually download my build from this page every few weeks.

I support your decision not to support random Chromium builds in Discourse.

I used Firefox from about 0.9 until Chrome was a year or two old, but when I switched, I felt bad about abandoning an open-source browser, so when I switched to Chrome, I switched to its open-source cousin.

I forget exactly why I’m not a fan of Google’s autoupdater, but I have a hunch that it used to install things I didn’t like, like Google Desktop Search, or similar.

(this is 13-or-14-year-old-me; I’m now 25.)

Edit: Another disclaimer, I guess: I spend some time building applications that use ES6 features, so it makes sense to use Chromium for that.

(Michael) #16

Chromium version 39.0.2171.65 Built on Ubuntu 14.04, running on LinuxMint 17 (64-bit).
There are no any troubles with discourse on sitepoint or meta or my own projects. It is OS-related may be.

(Bruno Skvorc) #17

You’re a couple versions behind though. Try 41+?

(Jeff Atwood) #18

Beta channel Chrome / Android is only at version 40 right now so it feels like Chromium is pretty close to canary (e.g. super bleeding edge / risky)?

(Bruno Skvorc) #19

I feel weird being the only one testing this - can anyone else verify this is happening on Chromium? All you gotta do is download Chromium (any version) and a click inside a topic and back out again a couple times, that should do.

(Jeff Atwood) #20

I suggest running an older version of Chromium to better reflect beta or stable chrome.

Right now, as of the time I am typing this message:

  • Chrome Stable: v39
  • Chrome Beta: v40
  • Chrome Canary: v41

If the version you are running is 41 it is quite bleeding edge… I suggest using older Chromium versions.