Home not loading after attempt to install sidebar plugin

(Oluwarufus) #1

Good day all

I tried installing two plugins today but got a prompt to update PostGre on the droplet, I did
Then I relaunched the app, I got an error (diskspace related), followed the instructions here and the site is back up.

But the homepage(http://zegist.com) is not pulling any post. But the inside pages work Who GLO Data Overload never epp? - Tech - Zegist.com
More so, our custom CSS is not loading though it is still there in Admin settings and enabled.

Any idea of how I can fix this?
Thank you in advance

NB: I disabled all plugin before relaunching.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Any JS errors in your f12 console when loading homepage?

(Oluwarufus) #3

None actually.
We got that resolved eventually but the problem now is with videos
Hosted videos are not showing. Favorite youtube / facebook / instagram / snapchat videos! - Entertainment - Zegist.com
Maybe I broke something during the Postgre update and plugin installation, moreover images are loading fine.

I’ll appreciate any help.