Home page appearance

Hello, I searched but found nothing, so perhaps somebody knows:

Just started a new forum it.decentrato.com, but it is very crude, not even a large title or a brief explanation of why this forum exists.

Well I tried to write something in admin/settings/title, site description, short site description,
but nothing of that appears on the home page as I expected.

The setting page claims that what I wrote will be used for attributes (?) or tags, so, apparently not for the home page. But is there a way to publish something on the home page?

Also is there some tutorial for all the basic things which should be done for startup?


@Franz1 I’m a newbie myself but I’ve been using this theme-component to add a welcome message and brief description to my Discourse: Versatile Banner

Found it to be super useful and easy to customize.


Discourse by default is more of a blank Canvas.

What you want to do is explore #theme and #theme-component . These can greatly improve the look and feel of discourse. For adding more direct enhancements that are beyond themes you want to explore #plugin

Themes and Theme-components are easier to install where plugins require logging into the server for command line to install.