Hosted Discourse and SEO Value

(Jeremy) #1

I am looking at the potential of using Discourse on an e-commerce site. I’d like to setup the ability to have some general discussions around on industry by the community, but also attach Discourse on a product-by-product basis for product Q&As.

One of the benefits, or so you hope, around having strong user generated content is the additional SEO value and authority given to your domain. If we were to go with the hosted version of Discourse, would we not have to use a subdomain (e.g.: and therefore loose any potential SEO value of having all this rich content?

Does anyone else see Q&A content as a potential SEO boost or does everyone just see it as an added user experience and user engagement boost?

(Sam Saffron) #2

This is not entirely correct, if you sign up for our enterprise plan we do support subfolder setups, it just means you need to drive all traffic via a forward proxy like varnish (or use a service like fastly) eg: (hosted by us)

We prefer to avoid this setup, Matt Cutts himself has mentioned that there is no detriment in using subdomain vs subfolder.

whichever one is easier for you, they are roughly the same

(Jeremy) #3

This is VERY helpful. Thank you @sam

(Jeremy) #4

Interesting, Moz calls B.S. on this: Moz's official stance on Subdomain vs Subfolder - does it need updating? | Moz Q&A | Moz

(Mittineague) #5

Yes, one can find many examples of SEO experts that claim to know how Google works better than Google’s own Matt Cutts.

IMHO if you want to rank well for the MOZ search engine, adhere to MOZ recommendations, if you want to rank well for the Google search engine adhere to Google recommendations.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Here is a direct quote from Matt on Moz, in an email to me, on this very topic:

But Moz can’t tell correlation from causation, and I’ve had to set them straight before.