Hosting discourse on a Raspberry Pi 3

I have a Pi 3 and I want to install discourse to host the forum on a subdomain of my website.

Is it possible?
I can get Docker on it on the Pi and it has 1GB of RAM. Could you point me with some resources to go forward with this? I
'm all set up as far as ssh’ing into the Pi. I just need to know how I can install discourse and make it live on a server so I can point an A record to the ip of the Pi.

Appreciate all your help. Thank you :slight_smile:


I don’t think that Rpi runs docker, so this’ll be an unsupported install. You can look at the development docs and the docker install script for what pieces are required. You’ll need swap. You should definitely set it up on a subdomain as a first step.

It’s not likely to be useable, but if you want it a as a proof of concept, go for it.




It might work depending on what ruby bits require x86 but I recall someone saying we work on some other ARM only hosting service as of @sam’s mini racer change.

It will be very slow since even a Pi 3 is under 2012 iPhone 5 ARM CPU performance, plus disk perf on sd cards is maybe 20 megabytes/sec in the best case. Both disk and CPU are quite important to Discourse…

Oops! I thought I was reading!

Important note… our official docker image is x64, you would need a custom docker image for starters.

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Raspberry Pi 3 is 64-bit but not Intel x64, for sure.

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I just tried it (and putting this late response for the new readers as well) - RPi3 did not have 1GB mem free to run Discourse

You can probably run it without a docker Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Ubuntu for Development

I’m trying to do so, and facing a problem of installing mini_racer (libv8) gem on armv7l. If it can be solved, I don’t see any other problems with running Discourse on a Raspberry Pi.


2020/ 04
Meanwhile, Raspberry 4
any News on this?

Performance still isn’t there sadly.

Maybe one day but not yet.

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See this post.