Hostname not working after discourse installation

(Elo Tobore Murphy) #1

I installed discourse but I have not been able to access it with the domain name I use. It’s still showing the default goddady page if one have not created a website with the domain. I also tried to use the server url but I have not been able to visit the discourse website with that too. I am getting a little bit frustrated here at the whole process. Please was there anything I did wrong during installation? Please help me out. Thanks

(Nam Nguyen) #2

I think you have problem with DNS setting?

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Do you know the IP number of the host where you installed Discourse? You need to update the DNS record for your domain to point to that address.

(Murphy) #5

That’s what am thinking too. I have changed the name servers from goddady to vultr(the host server that I used). Nothing yet.

(Murphy) #6

If you mean the server IP of my host (vultr), yes I know it. I have changed the name servers already if that’s what you meant by updating the DNS record

(Murphy) #7 That’s the domain url

(Nam Nguyen) #8

you can try to create an A/AAAA record that points your domain/host/etc to your VMs IP address through the godaddy management interface.

then, you can check your DNS here.

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

You need to go to and figure out how to connect your domain name with the IP of your virtual host.