Hotkeys aka Keyboard Shortcuts


(Bergius) #1

Looking pretty good, guys. But a messaging system needs hotkeys :).

Is there a development roadmap anywhere, so that we can avoid posting feature ideas that you’ve already planned/discarded? Are you planning to use Pull Requests · discourse/core · GitHub for issue tracking?

Keyboard shortcuts?
Override HOME/END keys to perform same action as topic counter
(Dario Castañé) #2

I think you should point to Pull Requests · discourse/discourse · GitHub :smile: It is already working as issue tracker for Discourse.

(Sam Saffron) #3

We plan to use both, my dream is to eventually use discourse for most things.

Current guideline is, simple stuff can go here or on github. Stuff that needs an extended discussion goes here.

(Matthias Vogelgesang) #4

I certainly would appreciate a Vi-like keyboard interface similar to GMail/Google+/GoogleReader:

  • j/k: previous/next post/thread depending on the view
  • /: entering search terms
  • o: opening a thread in the thread list
  • m: bookmark

(Sasha) #5

o or ENTER: opening a thread

(skisulli) #6

I will take a crack at this. My thought would be to make them as close to the hotkeys in gmail.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

That’d be great, would love to have this, but so many other higher priority things in front of it.

As much as I like keyboard shortcuts for power users, the reality is that most users interact via the mouse / touchpad / touchscreen exclusively, and rarely bother with keyboard shortcuts.

(Davide Vercelli) #8

on the other hand it’s low cost/ high reward for power users

(Jeff Atwood) #9

If it’s so low cost, feel free to submit a PR :wink:

(James B) #10

Hello, first meta post and I’m new to Discourse. I’ve been introduced to Discourse by MediaLab’s LCL group.

I am wondering if anyone ever got anywhere with hotkeys. If someone is currently working on hotkeys, I would be interested in trying to help out. I have a project where I would like to use a HID keyboard emulator to create a homebrew hardware controller customized for a Discourse experience. Quirky project, but otherwise interested in Discourse hotkeys because it would be just be useful for standard keyboard users, too.

Any resources and info greatly appreciated. If I can help with any ongoing hotkey projects let me know, I am severely new to Discourse but I might be able to help.

Thanks, sorry if bumping old threads like this is frowned on.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Yes, we have experimental keyboard support contributed by the community. Press ? to try it. Still a bit buggy, if anyone wants to work on fixing it, please do!

(James B) #12

Wow, thanks a lot! This is awesome!

I plan on toying with a fork if I can get that far of my own accord. I will use meta.discourse if I run into too many problems, but it might take me a minute. Once I get in there I will see if I can improve the hotkeys but it looks entirely awesome already.

Thanks so much! Very useful and appreciated

(Jeff Atwood) #13