House Ads plugin: feature to not show ads 100% of the time

It would be nice to have the ability to have the ads only show some of the time.

(There is a pct-showing setting, but it seems to relate to mixing it in with other ad sources—but I’m not sure.)

Use case is that I believe users quickly get used to ignoring house ads. I’d like to put several different ads in rotation, but have them only show up rarely… maybe even just 5% of the time. This way my users might see the ad very rarely, but over many weeks. I think that’s more likely to get them to take action.

Today it occurred to me that I can create ads that are effectively empty.

The plugin will randomly choose among my ads. It’s tedious to make “blank01”, “blank02” “blank03” “read ad” … but that gets me 25%. I can create 12 blanks, and 4 real ads and get varying ads, that appear to only show up 25% of the time. If the feature ever appears, I can simply delete alll my silly blank ads. :smiley: