Hovering over the 'view' column shows title text: `[object Object]`

(Qqwy / Wiebe Marten) #1

When hovering over one of the fields of the ‘view’ column in the topic list, the title text shows [object Object] instead of some descriptive text. It seems there is a JavaScript bug there somewhere.

This was first mentioned by the user Eiji on the ElixirForum.
It definitely is reproducible across Discourse forums.

(Claas Aug.) #2

What browser (vendor/version) are you using? From the screenshot I assume you reproduced it here on meta?

(Qqwy / Wiebe Marten) #3

I am using Chromium Version 53.0.2785.143 Built on Ubuntu , running on LinuxMint 17.2 (64-bit).
I was also able to reproduce it in Firefox 50.0 (on the same Operating System).

Indeed, the screenshot was made here on meta.

(Claas Aug.) #4

Okay, does it also happen if you Open a new incognito window (in Chrome), navigate to https://meta.discourse.org/ and hovering over the first "Welcome to meta.discourse.org* topic’s activity?

PS: I’m using Chromium 55.0 (and Firefox 53) on Fedora.

(Qqwy / Wiebe Marten) #5

Yes, it does also happen in a new incognito window, both in Chromium and in Firefox.

(Claas Aug.) #6

Alright, and even with all extensions disabled (chromium --disable-extensions or in Firefox: Help > Restart with Add-Ons disabled)?

(Just to rule out that this is the cause.)

Also, it is worth checking the JavaScript console (F12) for errors .

(AstonJ) #7

Are you not experiencing the same issue @claas?

I’m getting the same thing using Safari on both forums.

(cpradio) #8

I can repro this as well.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Sure @eviltrout can fix this bug tomorrow.

(Robin Ward) #10

Tomorrow is Sunday but I can take a look Monday!

(Robin Ward) #11

Here’s the fix:

(Robin Ward) #12