How 2 websites can use one forum?


Hello folks! Is there a way that 2 Websites can use 1 discourse forum so that forum is on subdomain of first website and 2nd website loads only to specific category of the forum. So for example 1st website is about all kinds of chocolates and forum will be hosted on that domain subdomain while second website is only about dark chocolate so second website would somehow load directly dark chocolate category. Second website can have subdomain that links directly to dark chocolate category or have it linked as


(Jay Pfaffman) #2

You could, for example, use two Wordpress blogs for your two sites and have each of them contribute their posts to separate categories in Discourse. If you need to keep people out of each other’s business, you can use groups to restrict access to categories.

You could do it like this: – posts contributed to the chocolate category – posts contributed to the dark category (which could be a child of chocolate) – discourse lives here

It’s complicated to run Discourse in its own directory, so giving it its own sub-domain is the way to go.



Thank you for your answer. Do you know how I should set it up so that it doesn’t count as duplicate content by Google for SEO purpose?


(Mittineague) #4

AFAIK Discourse has the duplicate content issue handled already with the addition of “canonical” (or maybe “previous” / “next” ?)

If you are talking about your using Discourse content in other sites, that’s a different issue left up to you to deal with.

First, be aware that there is no such thing as a duplicate content “penalty”

Google will decide which to show in the SERPs depending on what it considers the “best” result.
You need do nothing.

Duplicate content is by definition duplicate content.

If you would prefer that one has preference over the other and don’t want Google to make the decision about which URL to show, add “canonical”

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@Mittineague so i can have forum installed on and another domain points directly to dark chocolate section of the forum?



(Jay Pfaffman) #6

Oh. I didn’t understand that. You want to have one forum that behaves differently depending on what URL points to it? I misunderstood. I thought that you wanted to do something like this:

But maybe you want to do this:

But that is still a bit different from what you’re talking about. This would be two different forums that happened to be running in the same container.

Discourse is good at having lots of categories. You could use groups and/or watched or muted categories to filter what people see, but there isn’t an easy way to have a single forum behave differently depending on its domain name. You could configure a web server to redirect those domain names to different categories, but once they got there it would look like

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Yes I wanted to figure out somehow so that people believe that they are on but they using forum installed on …maybe frames to keep top menu of while forum category of dark chocolate from is loaded in the frame under. Thank you for your reply and help!