How about 'mentioning topic' feature?

(Ronny Hanssen) #32

My biggest gripe with this is that if I want the post I am writing to look good then I want both the link and a title to go with it. So to make this easier there are two options, as I see it:

  1. When you click the “Insert Hyperlink” toolbar button and paste the url then Discourse will detect if the link is to something in Discourse and then looks up the title for it and copies it into the “optional title” field.

  2. When rendering a post to the screen, when discourse finds a link (without a title) then it checks if this is a topic, category, etc and then gets the target title and decorates the rendering accordingly.

I would myself prefer option 2, but maybe in the Insert hyperlink box there could be a help-icon that pops up an explanation about how internal links are decorated?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #33

Option 2 is slotted for Discourse next version :smiley:

(Ronny Hanssen) #34

Ah. After some trials I see that this decoration is already performed. It is just not executed for inline links. If the link is on a line of its own this seems to work fine:

I will based on this change my above suggestion to also do decoration of inline links, but to only show the title instead of the full excerpt.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #35

Yes, and I believe that’s what is described here:


Is there any possibility that you could review your position and provide some feedback on the feasibility of extending the @mention function?
My particular interest is outlined in this comment

(Sam Saffron) #37

ctrl/ already takes you to the search box while typing in the composer.

We plan to extend this so you can quickly search and then hit down arrow and add a link to the topic directly into the composer.

Search shortcut opens Quick Find on Firefox
(Christoph) #38

Are you aware that this shortcut does not work on non-US keyboards where / is only accessible via Shift? Or am I missing something?

(Sam Saffron) #39

hmmm so you can not do ctrl shift ?

(Christoph) #40

No, my / comes from Shift+7, but if I do Ctrl+Shift+7 in the editor I get:

  1. List item

For reference:



(Sam Saffron) #41

Oh oh … well that is a good catch then, going to need to figure out another shortcut then.


Thanks for the quick response … once implemented with the down arrow add a link will be a great improvement

(Sam Saffron) #43

Do you think CTRL-ALT-F works, I think it reasonably easy to remember … adding this pending objections

(Sam Saffron) #44

OK, what we have now is.

  1. CTRL-ALT-F : will open search from composer

  2. search for your thing

  3. down arrow or up arrow: select your result

  4. hit a to add the result to composer

So, it is a bit ninja :crossed_swords: but gets the job done. For example: How about 'mentioning topic' feature?

Intratextual search-linking to other topics
Intratextual search-linking to other topics
Suggestion - link to existing content faster from the url button
(Jeff Wong) #45

That’s actually pretty neat - ctrlaltf has an advantage that it can also be used to break composer focus as well!

Can I make the suggestion to add the A shortcut to other contexts? eg, when in a topic list (eg, viewing “latest”), or within a topic, j/k to select a post and hit A to add it to the post.

If that were the case, it’d then make sense to document this in main shortcut help menu, which would help it be less of a “ninja feature”.

(Jeff Atwood) #46

More like extreme ninja …

but a cool feature nonetheless!


Does the feature still work?
I tried Chrome/Firefox and Edge with no search window coming up …(and it worked a while back shortly after you implemented it)

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #48

Try CTRL-ALT-F - The original key combo was changed after it was found to conflict with an existing shortcut.


Great, thanks for the timely response.
I certainly like the feature, but am still holding out for the @mention function to be extended to find ‘documents’ (links listed listed in same or seperate file) :hugs:

(LW) #50

I’ll add in my $0.02 as to how this feature would be useful for me and others:

One example: for folks using the Topic Ratings Plugin, we’d like the ability for people to tag other things they’ve rated/reviewed in the past (books, movies, etc.) so people could easily mention the topic-with-rating within the context of a reply. (CC: @angus as an FYI!)

As a matter of fact, when I was authoring this post, I opened up the “Topic Ratings Plugin” link in a new tab, and then created a hyperlink to the above. Would have been nice to @ that topic :wink:


Inline Topic Reference

For the non-ninja

I still think that being able to write #123 and #123:3 for topic reference and post reference would make it much less extreme ninja. Topic number is written in the URL, and post number is written in the ‘topic progress’ marker.

One missing reference remains though: category_id is totally occulted from the UI (which makes things crazy hard to sysadmin who needs this for API reference since it requires console access.) Fortunately on the browser we have #catname and #cat:name for categories and sub-categories. Hint, hint.